Sandi Vidal: How to land a job

Sandi Vidal

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Sometimes I wonder if there is a magic formula to getting a job. As I work with people, both professional and entry level, I am always looking for feedback on what worked for them.

Resoundingly the answer is, finding a job is hard work! The people I have seen who are successful in landing their next job have really worked hard for it. They approached it like a sales job. They networked, asked for introductions, checked out all sources for job leads and looked at potential career changes when needed.

I tend to be very goal oriented. I set my mind to do things and then work backward to figure out what I have to do to get there. For example, when I was job searching, I made a list of companies I would like to work for and then a list of people I knew at those companies. With websites like LinkedIn and Google, there is a wealth of information out there for you to find.

I am hearing now that the six degrees of separation has gone down to four with social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It is much easier now to find someone who knows someone. The key is not abusing that privilege. As you network, think about not only what is in it for you, but the others you are meeting with as well.

Use the tools that work best for you to stay organized. If you are a calendar person, keep a calendar of to-dos and people to meet with. If you are a list person keep a checklist. You can also use electronic methods or good old-fashioned paper and pen.

The key is to stay on top of your job search and also to walk away from it every once in awhile. There are many free things you can do to free up your mind, keep your confidence up and help you move forward.

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