Top graduates in Oviedo, Winter Springs

Michael Scimeca, from Hagerty High School, Allison Coleman, from Oviedo High School, and Sam Hendley, from Winter Springs High School, are tops of their graduating classes. Scimeca and Hendley are valedictorians and Coleman is a salutatorian.

Michael Scimeca, from Hagerty High School, Allison Coleman, from Oviedo High School, and Sam Hendley, from Winter Springs High School, are tops of their graduating classes. Scimeca and Hendley are valedictorians and Coleman is a salutatorian.

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Look for lists of the top graduating seniors from Winter Springs, Oviedo, and Hagerty high schools below.

One was co-captain of his debate team. Another was drum major of his school’s marching band. And the third was a part of more clubs and sports teams than you can count on one hand.

Hailing from Oviedo, Hagerty and Winter Springs high schools, these top students know that it takes more than grades to make your way into the real world. In between cleaning out their lockers and preparing their graduation speeches, each student revealed what they got out of their time in high school, their plans for the future and what advice they want to impart to their classmates.

Sam Hendley, Winter Springs High School

According to Winter Springs High School valedictorian Sam Hendley, “It isn’t enough to be smart. You have to be a hard-working person.” And Hendley certainly lives up to that standard. In addition to being a top student, the 18-year-old found time for his passion for music. Hendley plays cello, oboe and saxophone and is a member of the Florida Youth Symphony Orchestra. Hendley was also drum major of his school’s 160-member marching band.

After going to countless football games, one of the things Hendley most looks forward to when he arrives at the University of Florida next fall is SEC football. He hopes to be a part of the marching band or one of the university bands, but if classes prevent that, he’ll still search for a community orchestra.

“(Music) has always been a big part of my life,” he said. “It would be nice to be a part of a community orchestra or the school of music. It’s gonna be a big decision for me, whether I do marching band.”

Hendley plans to major in physics, because, as he’s quick to point out, “I have the utmost respect for engineers, but my mind doesn’t work like that.” Although he was accepted into his top choice for college, McGill University in Montreal, Hendley chose UF to save money, but he hopes to still attend McGill for a master’s or doctorate degree.

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Allison Coleman, Oviedo High School

Salutatorian Allison Coleman may dream of curing diseases sometime in the future, but first she had to deal with a small medical crisis of her own. Her most embarrassing high school moment: passing out while giving blood. “I think the lady was pumping my blood too fast, so I kinda fainted.” After she was dismissed, Coleman tried walking back to her classes, but was too dizzy to walk. “I just laid there on the ground, because I couldn’t move, if I moved, I would’ve fallen.”

But she won’t let her dreams grow faint because of one bad experience. Coleman will attend UF next fall to study pharmacy, hoping to become a pharmco-genomicist. Coleman said she wants to enter a cutting-edge field that will allow her to analyze a patient’s DNA and tailor a cure to each one’s specific condition or disease. By the time she finishes her courses this summer at Seminole State College, she’ll be finished with the two years of her undergraduate degree.

It’s tough to find an activity Coleman didn’t do. She was a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, Key Club and numerous other honors organizations, and she also was a member of the soccer and weightlifting teams. The secret to her success, she said, is being organized. “My days are very organized. I do my homework early and get it done in school.”

Michael Scimeca, Paul J. Hagerty High School

For Michael Scimeca, becoming valedictorian was “a long and arduous process.” Scimeca, who grew up in a military family, set his sights on valedictorian early, but he bounced around multiple schools early on. When he first enrolled at Hagerty, his mom was worried that he couldn’t handle it. “(She) was always worried that I wouldn’t be prepared for high school. I told her that … I would study all year and I would get straight A’s. And I did.”

The 18-year-old plans to study biomedical sciences at the University of Central Florida’s Burnett Honors College, and he is also interested in psychology and cognitive studies. “I’m more interested in the neuroscience aspect of medicine and biology,” he said. “So anything where I can combine medicine and aspects of psychology is something I’m looking into.”

Co-captain of the school’s debate team, Scimeca cautions against “senioritis” as a formidable threat on his way to the top of his class. “I always said it wouldn’t happen to me, and then you hit second semester and I was like, ‘I don’t want to do any of this,’” he said. “It doesn’t matter what scholarships or schools you’ve been accepted to. You could lose all of it in minutes if you decide to slack off and lose focus. ”

Hagerty High School (top 25 students) In Alphabetical Order

Albers, Ethan R. – Kase Western Reserve University

Ankli, Sarah K. – Rollins College

Baker, Bradley T. – New College of Fla.

Benedict, Kaily C. – UF

Chehab, Sabrina A. – UCF

Dickerson, Amy E. – UF

Dunne, Shannon M. – UF

Edwards, Monique N. – UM

Floeter, Austin M. – Virginia Tech

Geiger, Mackenzie E. – UF

Gisel, Andrew R. – UCF

Haywood, Taylor J. – UF

Latrobe, Alyssa J. – FSU

Le, Paulina B. – UCF

Medin, Kyle A. – FSU

Menning, Hunter W. II – UCF

Minnis, Brent M. – UCF

Moser, Justin W. – UCF

Nowotny, Rachel M. – UCF

Pomeroy, Justin J. – Rollins College

Rossow, Heidi L. – UF

Royero, Melissa R. – UCF

Scimeca, Michael D. – UCF

Yanes, William R. – Seminole State College

Yeargain, Tyler Q. – UCF

Oviedo High School (top 24 Students) In Alphabetical Order

Babuji, Ashwin

Bass, Melinda Megumi

Borkholder, Alex William

Coleman, Allison B.

Epstein, Rebecca Layne

Futato, Annie Davis

Hamstra, Justin Daniel

Hensley, Thaxter Cole

Huynh, Michael Huy

Khan, Nirvani Devi

Koller, Brandon Michael

Patel, Neel Sanjay

Rathakrishnan, Arjith V.

Reilly, Ryan Patrick

Roberson, Dana Nicole

Roberson, Rachel Lynn

Robey, Keelyn Renee

Rogers, Cory Oliver

Shepherd, Natalie Morgan

Sims, Olivia Brooke

Thomas, Karen Ann

Van de Houten, Brandi M.

Van Ravenswaay, Gabrielle

Weinbel, Ellenor Grace

Winter Springs High School In Alphabetical Order

*Because of an editing error, the earlier version of this list was incomplete.

Thomas Barfield

Cody Beebe

Joseph Bonura

Matthew Brock

Kelsey Carew

Meredith Ciocca

Paula Cusi

Matthew Darby

Holly Debevoise

Kelsey Deese

Nathan Dekrey

Sean Diamond

Rhea Dorris

Cayce Dossett

Christopher Duncan-Lewis

Courtney Dygert

Blake Edwards

Katelyn Edwards

Tyler Etheridge

Olivia Flail

Matthew Gerken

Mary Gossett

Ross Harrington

Taylor Hoch

Alexander Holmes

Veronica Holmes

Tyler Jeski

Joseph Jurbala

Meagan Kaman

Amanda Kastrinos

Dillon Kelly

Kristiana Kenney

Jennifer Knipe

Natalie Lawlor

Jihyun Lee

Jade Lewis

Kimberly Lock

Zachary Loparo

Jacob Mould

Jennifer Mullis

Elizabeth Nguyen

Timothy Nguyen

Nicole Ortega

Cassidy Pillow

Andrea Reyes

Alyssa Rhinehart