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Do you have a career-readiness roadmap?

A gameplan after graduation

The anxiety I felt when asked about my plans after graduation is not an uncommon experience for today’s undergraduate.

Louis Roney: Stories from war

I had a hand-held machine gun and a bag full of hand grenades on my belt.

We knew that our guys were soon coming in behind us en masse to take the island from the Japs and that we would have to leave Guadalcanal ourselves for the mainland.

How to host a Memorial Day to remember

Make the day special with a southwestern corn salad

Memorial Day is more than just a cookout.

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Central Florida Regional trauma survivors celebrate

Trauma survivors celebrate

In honor of National Trauma Survivors Day on May 18, trauma survivors released more than 400 butterflies.

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How to find, and identify, deadly spiders

Know the different kinds of spiders to watch out for.

Your biggest threat out in nature is probably not a big hairy bear. Spiders and snakes are more common.

Josh Garrick: Culture for your Calendar

Orlando International Fringe Festival

The Orlando Fringe Festival takes over Loch Haven Park for the last two weeks of May with 800 non-juried performances, an outdoor stage, Visual Fringe, Kids’ Fringe and a beer tent.

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Restaurant review: Sprinkles

And he said, “Let it be known,” Sprinkles, the cupcakery is open.

The much-anticipated opening of the Disney Springs Town Center on May 15 was so much sweeter for this foodie, because I was invited to stop in and have a personal taste at the brand-new Sprinkles.

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Christina Rordam: Condominium conundrum

To condo or not to condo, that is the question.

Condos have gotten a bad rap since the crash, but do they really deserve it?

Chris Jepson: My problem with Hillary

I fear that if elected she will involve America in more Middle East interventions.

My problem with Hillary Clinton as president centers around her “history” of supporting American aggression abroad.

Senior Calendar

Senior activities abound

Join One Senior Place for an interactive workshop from 2 to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, on celebrating your talents, reinventing yourself.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Cinco de Mayo at 4 Rivers

John Rivers and team are trading in their cowboy hats for sombreros to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a patio party at 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Winter Park.

Louis Roney: Language please

A very famous shrink whom I knew in New York wrote a book saying that artists do things that are normal for artists, but would be deemed lunatic in less gifted people.

The fact is, people who have to sing stratospheric high notes are apt to sacrifice some of the routine normalities that less complicated people are free to enjoy.

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NASA chart shows Zika targeting Seminole

Graphic shows spread

Zika virus-carrying mosquitoes are expected to be on their way to Seminole County in numbers higher than nearly all of the country.

Looking for summertime dog boarding options? Here are five tips to consider

With the summer rapidly approaching, many people are making travel plans that often include boarding their dog(s).

Cost aside, check out these five tips to make sure you select the best facility for your beloved pet.

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Is a liberal arts education worth it?

Skills create well-rounded citizens

No matter the topic, all of my students in all of my classes are challenged to think critically about the content of the course, and how that content influences their understanding of themselves and others.

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Statue commemorates Baldwin Park’s Naval history

Honoring Naval history

They call him “Boats.” He’s the man in the sailor’s cap with his hands stuck deep in his peacoat’s pockets. He stands 7 feet tall and weighs in at about 1,000 pounds.

Chris Jepson: My mother’s perfume, my father’s dictionary

I’m closing in on 70 years of age. In three years I’ll be in my eighth decade. As I tell anyone who listens, pretty soon the years will add up.

When I die, I will be the last to ever know what a grand, tough dame was my mother’s mother, Edith Moore. And so it sadly goes. For all of us.

Louis Roney: How macho do I dig thee?

I hear that macho is “in,” and that wimps have used up their wistful moment in the sun.

I never gave any thought to what a “wimp” is, until a girl who dotes on “macho” men told me that she views wimps with scorn.

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UCF police chief explains gun incident

'Accidental' gunfire

The only shot fired during a reported gun incident at the University of Central Florida turned out to be from an officer's gun, by accident.

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Reported gunwoman at UCF campus

Police can't find

Police were tipped off to a social media post that a possible female shooter was inside the UCF Library Tuesday.

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