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Senior Sneakers: Get more energy now

Tips to keep your energy levels up.

Here are some easy tips on how to increase energy.

Good news on exercise needs for senior women

You might not need as much exercise as you thought

This will be good news for some of us: We might not need as much exercise as we thought. Research from the UK seeks to aim senior women more toward moderate exercise.

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Seniors shake off memory loss with line dancing

Seniors keep grooving

The line dancing classes at the Winter Park Community Center have become quite popular with seniors, providing a fun and creative way to exercise, meet new people and improve memory and coordination.

Senior Calendar

Senior activities abound

Go dancing or take a yoga class, the options offered this month are boundless.

Louis Roney: It ain’t what you do

You might say it was not when you did it or how you did it, but who heard you do it at that infelicitous moment.

Wish yourself good luck and I’ll join you in your hope that you do not flop in your big moment.

How to help calm a high-anxiety cat

Training take patience

Provide distractions: Set up a window perch so she can watch the outside world, and put out cat-safe toys for her to play with while you're out.

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Love stories from the Jewish Pavilion

Volunteering with love

The Pavilion is a lifeline for its seniors, connecting them with community, and providing programming that benefits the mind, body and spirit.

Tips to keep jewelry from discoloring

Nail polish helps seal color

Clean it well and "paint" the side facing your skin with clear nail polish.

Chris Jepson: The Republican problem with truth

Facts or truth? Would you rather have the “truth” on your side or the facts?

Facts “are.” Truth is what we (each human) make it. What is truth to you is not necessarily true to others. That’s not the case with fact.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Known as the Ansel Adams of the Everglades, the photography of Clyde Butcher will be celebrated with an opening at A&H’s Maitland Art Center on March 6.

Butcher has been honored by the state of Florida with the Artist Hall of Fame Award. The exhibit will run through May 17.

Rudy's love hatefulness

Giuliani is continuing his very calculated effort to stay relevant by appealing to the ugliest emotions of the Republican Party's base.

That's what Rudy Giuliani is: a demagogue whose hateful rants are amplified by media who thrive on hateful rants.

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Knights look to save face on basketball season

With a season-ending win, they could finally exorcise a ghost that’s haunted them since after the 2004-05 season:

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Calendar: Shamrock N Run in Oviedo

Get out your green!

Time to go green! HOPE Helps’ Shamrock N Run is coming to Oviedo March 6. It’s a chip-timed 5K with medals going to the top 10 finishers.

Oviedo City Talk: Here comes Cirque Du Taste

Oviedo's tastiest month

I’m looking forward to March and more moderate weather for the annual Taste of Oviedo event at the Oviedo Mall.

Why certification is important in your dog’s care

Check training level before you hire

When you’re looking for someone to work with your dog, the first question you should ask is about their training and certification.

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Knights enter home stretch of the season

Can the Knights win out?

The Knights’ dream of avoiding a losing conference season ended on their home court in overtime on Sunday, when the Memphis Tigers took them down 75-65.

The positive impact of physical education

Play time helps brain time

Planned activity in the form of physical education not only benefits students in the here and now, but also in the future.

Louis Roney: Bravos past but never forgotten

In a long life such as mine, I have been in many places I never though I would go, and have met people in many walks of life I never thought I would meet.

And now I relish living in our Winter Park home with my b.w., and enjoying our many charming dear friends and neighbors. Life has never been better!

Chris Jepson: Hanging with old white boys

I’ve been fortunate all my life to be good friends with old men.

Being able to laugh uproariously at the foibles of mankind, at one’s self specifically, is a quality I seek in relationships. And kindness.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

The Dr. Phillips Center launches a two-year partnership with Florida Blue Foundation with their first outdoor concert featuring Tiempo Libre.

Free and open to the public, this concert is part of the Center’s stated mission – “Arts for every life.”

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