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Tips for tackling persistent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression on the median nerve, as it runs down the arm through a "tunnel" of bone and connective tissue deep in the wrist.

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Local lady writes book of Paris travel tips

Local is fired up for France

Sandra Sheridan, a Winter Park native and Rollins graduate, is fired up, in this case, “Fired Up for France.” That’s the very fitting name of her new series of stories about her travels to Paris.

Ask a Trainer: No need to run

Long walks can be just as good

One of the first things I tell my clients who expect to hear that they need to start running or jogging in order to lose unwanted fat is that they definitely don’t have to.

Good news chocoholics: Milk chocolate is healthy too

Study shows milk chocolate helps your health

When a study comes out showing that chocolate is good for our health, chocolate lovers rejoice. Now a new study has more good news: Even milk chocolate qualifies.

Senior Calendar

Senior events abound

From Thai Chi to yoga techniques, there are classes covering all sorts of activities this month specially geared toward seniors.

Louis Roney: America the beautiful

Whatever concept of God you have, if you have been around the world a bit, you’ll recognize that America is a blessed piece of real estate.

Once our forebears had started governing themselves in Virginia, Massachusetts, etc., people in the countries they had left began to compare their lives with ours, and theirs were often found wanting.

Chris Jepson: Might too, all conservatives

Wow! What a challenging month June was for conservatives.

The Pope came out for cleaning-up Earth’s environment, gays can marry, Obamacare upheld and abstinence-only sex education took a hit.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Your full guide to celebrating the Fourth in Central Florida.

Grab your friends, neighbors and kids to celebrate Independence Day – Baldwin Park style a day early on July 3.

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Wild swings in Florida Collegiate Summer League as Dawgs collapse

Lose six straight

In a freakish recent loss, the Dawgs managed to score five runs on three hits and still fell to Sanford 9-5.

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Alert teen thwarts possible Seminole County serial burglar

Teen stops burglary

When the strange woman who had been looking for a key under the doormat came back, she pushed open the door with a teenage girl just on the other side.

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Oviedo teacher arrests rise

More teachers arrested

Oviedo has seen a slew of Hagerty High School teachers and employees arrested for alleged sex-related crimes over the past year.

Encroaching on Oviedo history?

Development on horizon?

A new development would surround the historic Wheeler Evans home – a historic house belonging to Oviedo’s founding family.

Notes: CFE Arena makes 'Top Venues' list

Spectra announced this month that the CFE Arena at UCF was recently ranked #3 among all venues in Florida with a capacity of 5,001-10,000.

Oviedo City Talk: Keep cool this summer

It looks as if summer has leapt upon the scene with its normal ferocity! Never fear, we have a plan for you.

It looks as if summer has leapt upon the scene with its normal ferocity! Never fear, we have a plan for you.

Calendar: Downtown Sanford's Art Walk

Visit the Sanford Art Walk for a pedestrian friendly shopping corridor enhanced by live music venues, upscale bars and award winning restaurants

Louis Roney: Sizing up our lives

I believe that the United States is a morally good nation that wishes to have no enemies at all.

This is much like a very good-natured friendly dog who wishes to have no fleas, but attracts them whenever he walks out the door.

Cross training to enhance your dog’s fitness

Training is just as important for dogs as humans.

Recently, there’s been a lot of research in the field of canine conditioning, mostly to improve the performance of canine athletes and performance dogs.

Chris Jepson: America is unquestionably exceptional

As others see us, America considers itself a paragon of virtue, without peer in the world of democratic nations.

Yes, we are the leader of the West, of developed nations but, really, we are truly, inherently an exceptional people. A cut above, so to speak.

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Oviedo couple works to make e-cigs safer

A stop-smoking crusade

Her mother-in-law dying of cancer, a local woman wanted to sell people on a way to quit. Now she might have made it even safer.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Orlando Repertory Theatre will present a one-night-only concert starring Ashley Brown, Broadway’s original Mary Poppins!

The concert is set for June 27 at 7 p.m. Ms. Brown originated the title role in “Mary Poppins” on Broadway.

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