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Chris Jepson: In our guts we know he’s nuts

Tune to FNN for all the latest in alternative facts.

"FNN will provide all forgotten Americans only the truth and only as President Trump understands it. No whiney apologetic, wishy-washy, this or that liberal humanist malarkey, just the real scoop on who is selling-out America."

Louis Roney: Simplicity?

Finding new and more economical ways of saying things is admirable, it seems to me.

If my colleague says, “At this point in time I’m planning to rob a bank,” couldn’t he accomplish the same end by saying, “Now I’m planning to rob a bank”?

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Happy 75th Birthday to the Morse Museum!

The elegantly sophisticated Morse Museum, which opened its doors on the Rollins College campus on Feb. 17, 1942, is generously celebrating its 75th anniversary with free admission throughout February.

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More caregiving tips for caregivers

Take care of loved ones – and yourself

The many moving pieces of caregiving – physical, emotional, financial, legal, logistical, and more – can be overwhelming. Here are a few more tips and resources to help you on the caregiving journey.

Tips for a stress-free trip to the pharmacy

Three helpful tips

Have you ever stood in line at a pharmacy and marveled at the countless number of drugs sitting on shelves behind the counter? It seems like there’s a drug — sometimes more than one — for every health condition.

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Bake sugar cookies for Valentine's Day!

An easy, delicious recipe

Valentine's Day – with its hearts in all shapes and sizes – might be the perfect (and a more relaxing) time of year to get your hands in the dough.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

Catch the final performances of ‘A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder’ through Feb. 12!

“Getting away with murder can be so much fun,” and there’s no better proof than the knock-’em-dead show that earned unanimous raves and the 2014 Tony Award for Best Musical.

Chris Jepson: Would GW really sue us?

Reflective Republicans need to surface and say, “Enough already.”

As Will Rogers conjectured, “I bet after seeing us, George Washington would sue us for calling him 'father.'”

Here's a tip on making a delicious flaky piecrust

Use a cheese grater!

Here's a unique way to create a piecrust that's delicious and flaky!

Louis Roney: Love

"What does love mean?"

"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." – Terri, age 4

Chris Jepson: The emperor has no clothes

Depending on the day, I might experience a number of different emotions regarding this election.

My wife said she’s glad her mother and aunt are not alive today to witness the Republican presidential primary.

Louis Roney: Disturbing thoughts

The next destruction that we tolerate could easily be the last!

We hear in our democratic land that people get the government they deserve. This fact is often unnoticed when an uninformed and one-sided majority takes over and assumes command.

Josh Garrick: Culture for Your Calendar

This musical comedy at the Winter Park Playhouse reaffirms that true friendship is the key to everlasting love.

"Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" takes place at a bachelorette party where best friends share thoughts about love, marriage and the dating game.

Louis Roney: Irish!

Someone said, "An Irishman is never peaceful except when he's fighting."

Jay was the most "professional" Irishman I ever met. It was easy for me to tire of his slobbering about "the old sod."

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Adopt a dog and save a life

Save money - and a life!

Shelters are full of wonderful dogs that were surrendered through no fault of their own. Take one home.