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Janet Foley


Celery Stalks

Two years of farm freshness: Celebrating the Oviedo Farmers Market's birthday.

Do you all realize that half of 2013 year is gone?

Celery Stalks

Go outdoors for summer, before it gets too hot!

Coming up on the first Saturday in July will be the two-year birthday of the Oviedo Historical Society’s Farmer’s Market.

Celery Stalks

How do you keep bad snakes away? Arm yourself with information at the snake awareness program.

I am hoping this weekend will be on the dry side.

Fun events coming up on Memorial Day weeekend

Try a Night Nature Hike!

I hope all had a very happy Mother’s Day and that you all were treated like queens.

Celery Stalks

Return of the chickens!

As I was going to the Methodist Church last Sunday I heard a cock-a-doodle-do.

Celery Stalks

Spring has sprung, as has garage sale season.

Spring has sprung and we are all hoping that we will have spring weather, not that cold stuff.

Celery Stalks

Weren’t all those chocolate Easter Bunnies tasty, plus all the other goodies? Now it’s diet time!

If you have been looking for a place to go and have fun and make new friends, consider coming out for Square Dancing. No experience is necessary.

Celery Stalks

Let’s worry about the chickens' bravery navigating around town when the buildings are being moved.

We are not finding many of our feathered friends around town now, but people are saying they are beginning to show up.

Celery Stalks

Check out our list of winners from the Citrus and Celery Cook-Off!

I must say thank you to all my fellow citizens who have been playing “Oviedo Chicken Detectives.” I have learned quite a bit and found that there are still a few around.

Celery Stalks

Join in the hunt for Oviedo's lost chickens.

You wouldn’t believe the thoughts and opinions I have received on my last article “Oviedo’s lost chickens.”

Celery Stalks

Oviedo's lost chickens: Have you seen them?

Touring the city lately I have noticed I’m seeing hardly any chickens or roosters; where did they go?

Celery Stalks

Fun times are just warming up!

Activities were plentiful around our community this past weekend.

Celery Stalks

Stepping out for January fun — and learning new talents along the way.

Local activities and organizations are in full swing following the holidays.

Celery Stalks

Fun things to do in the new year

The Oviedo Historical Society’s farmers market is this Saturday, Jan. 5.

Celery Stalks

Exciting January

The Oviedo Historical Society celebrated Christmas by having their annual Holiday Dinner on Dec. 27.