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Sandi Vidal


Ask Sandi: The power of networking

Networking is not about WIFM (What is in it for me), it is about creating win-wins.

Networking is about building relationships. It is not about WIFM (What is in it for me), it is about creating win-wins.

Ask Sandi: Treat your interview like a date

Interviews are like dates. Make sure that before you put a ring on it, you are sure they are the right choice.

Interviews are like dates. Make sure that before you put a ring on it, you are sure they are the right choice.

Ask Sandi: The changing job market

I am all for college and place a high value on degrees, but I also believe strongly that hands on experience is just as valuable.

The market for jobs is changing quite a bit as the economy is getting better. I have talked to many employers who are starting to struggle to find people for the positions they have.

Ask Sandi: Network to get your foot in the door

Lately I have been getting lots of calls from professionals who are really having a rough time with their job search.

The news says the economy is better and jobs are opening up so it feels like it should be easier.

Ask Sandi: Social media and your job search

Ask yourself if you would hire yourself if you saw all the things you say on social media.

If you really want to get hired, keep it clean, and use the highest security settings so that people can’t get too much information.

Ask Sandi: Need a job? Time to put pride aside

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to tell you not to wait to ask for help.

As soon as you know that you are in the market for a job, you might consider reaching out to someone who can review your resume.

Ask Sandi: What’s kept you jobless?

Are you older than 40 and out of work? Have you been out of work for a while? Are you just entering the workforce for the first time in a long time?

I am always trying to look at trends and what people are experiencing to tailor my advice and the advice my organization gives to the needs of the people we serve in the community.

Ask Sandi: Twenty years of helping find jobs

This year the Central Florida Employment Council turns 20 years old. That is 20 years of helping to connect employers and job seekers to each other and community resources.

In 20 years, thousands of job seekers have been connected with jobs and employers have been connected with employees.

Ask Sandi

According to NACE, internships can increase the likelihood of landing a job by up to 60 percent.

Lately I have been doing research on the generational workforce.

Ask Sandi: Interviews increasingly on camera

It's a trend that's only growing: Going on camera for your job interview. Are you ready for your close-up?

Video interviewing seems to be a hot new trend.

Ask Sandi

Use the right kind of discrimination when searching for work. The people hiring you do.

This past weekend I was accused of discrimination.

Ask Sandi

Avoid ‘um’ and 'like' at all costs during your interview

I like, um, don’t, um, think it is a great idea to like, um, use the words “like” and “um” frequently in your interview.

Ask Sandi

If you're getting interviews and not getting the job, your resume isn't the problem.

If you are getting interviews, it is not a resume problem – so stop asking for resume advice.

Ask Sandi

Avoid oversharing on your resume, or risk not getting that job.

Think about why an employer wants your resume when drafting it.

Ask Sandi

Want a job? Accept that you may need help.

Most people don’t realize it, but the best way to find a job is to have help.