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Local parents rise up against FSA test

Parents battle FSA

Fourteen families are still fighting to have their children move on to fourth grade after refusing to take the FSA — a test deemed unnecessary and secretive by parents.

Healthy eyes for back to school

Keep an out out for vision issues

The inability to see clearly can affect a child’s physical, mental and social development, which in turn can affect academic and athletic performance and, ultimately, self-esteem.

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A Gift for Teaching hits $1 million donation mark

Giving since 1998

To many of us, $100 million might mean buying a house beyond our wildest dreams. To Central Florida’s highest-need children, $100 million over the past nearly 18 years means so much more.

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A Gift for Teaching looking for school supplies

Nonprofit ready to help students in need

For more than 67 percent of the children in Orange County, the words "back to school" can be devastating since they don't have the school supplies they need.

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Is a liberal arts education worth it?

Skills create well-rounded citizens

No matter the topic, all of my students in all of my classes are challenged to think critically about the content of the course, and how that content influences their understanding of themselves and others.

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Finding educational fun for students over winter beak

The holiday season is here, which means quality time with family and friends. It also means your little ones are out of school and looking for fun.

Guidelines for your student who’s home for the holidays

It’s only been 15 weeks since your child has left home, yet they’ve grown so much.

When your son or daughter left home you had to make adjustments to your life. It’s only natural that you have to do the same when they return home.

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Athlete of the Month: Caroline White

Meet Trinity Prep's top swimmer

Meet Caroline White, a top swimmer at Trinity Prep and state champion in the pool.

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The value of arts education

CEOs look for creative problem solving skills

Imagination is an extraordinary human gift and, in my opinion, not something to take lightly or waste.

The benefits of extracurricular activities

How sports, music, and clubs can help your student

What if you could give your student an edge in the classroom and introduce them to a group of potential friends at the same time?

How to help your college student cope with stress and mental illness

How to cope with mental illness

It’s not out of the ordinary for a new college student to exhibit signs of stress or anxiety.

How to be your student’s educational mentor

Before busy days overwhelm the family, set the tone for a successful year of learning with a conversation with your student.

Plan your thoughts and limit distractions. The must cover topics: homework, teachers, and classmates.

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Seminole County Student Museum closes doors

Student Museum closes

Seminole County's Student Museum, housed inside the original Sanford Grammar School building from 1902, closed its doors this week.

The positive impact of physical education

Play time helps brain time

Planned activity in the form of physical education not only benefits students in the here and now, but also in the future.

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Athlete of the Month: Taylor Kienle

Taylor shines in four sports

Taylor Kienle is a quadruple-threat at Trinity Prep.