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Ask Sandi: The power of networking

Networking is not about WIFM (What is in it for me), it is about creating win-wins.

Networking is about building relationships. It is not about WIFM (What is in it for me), it is about creating win-wins.

Ask Sandi: Your job loss action plan

One of my closest friends recently found out her job was going to be ending. What next?

One of my closest friends recently found out her job was going to be ending. She absolutely loves her job and is very good at it.

Ask Sandi: Treat your interview like a date

Interviews are like dates. Make sure that before you put a ring on it, you are sure they are the right choice.

Interviews are like dates. Make sure that before you put a ring on it, you are sure they are the right choice.

Ask Sandi: Finding your true career

Time to jump ship? Here are some tools to find what career you should really have.

These can be a great tool for you to figure out what type of job or career is best for you.

Ask Sandi: The changing job market

I am all for college and place a high value on degrees, but I also believe strongly that hands on experience is just as valuable.

The market for jobs is changing quite a bit as the economy is getting better. I have talked to many employers who are starting to struggle to find people for the positions they have.

Ask Sandi: Tune up your resume

They put a bunch of big words in the resume to make her seem smart. The problem was it didn’t.

My daughter made a comment that it sounded like they put a bunch of big words in to make her seem smart. The problem was it didn’t.

Ask Sandi: eHarmony for jobs

What if employment searches were like eHarmony ?

It still stuns me when I find out how many people have not invested the time it takes to get “connected” through LinkedIn.

Ask Sandi: Network to get your foot in the door

Lately I have been getting lots of calls from professionals who are really having a rough time with their job search.

The news says the economy is better and jobs are opening up so it feels like it should be easier.

Ask Sandi: Social media and your job search

Ask yourself if you would hire yourself if you saw all the things you say on social media.

If you really want to get hired, keep it clean, and use the highest security settings so that people can’t get too much information.

Ask Sandi: Need a job? Time to put pride aside

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to tell you not to wait to ask for help.

As soon as you know that you are in the market for a job, you might consider reaching out to someone who can review your resume.

Ask Sandi: Be a pro at rejection

Rejection is never easy. We don’t like to hear the word “no,” and often take it very personally.

One of the things you can try to do if you are not chosen is stay in touch with the recruiters or even the hiring manager.

Ask Sandi: Volunteer to get your foot in the door

For the professional job seeker, if you are not able to find work, volunteer in your field.

The economy is definitely getting better, but there are still many people who are struggling to get jobs that pay livable wages.

Ask Sandi: Interviews should be solo affairs

Your interview is the time to make an impression and shine. It is not a family affair.

Please plan ahead and be prepared to come alone to the interview.

Ask Sandi: Employers’ ‘must haves’

Lately I have been spending time in meetings where the skill gaps between what employers are looking for and job seekers have has been the main topic of discussion.

The good news for job seekers is that employers are noticing that it is getting a little harder to find good talent and the wages are starting to slowly rise.

Ask Sandi: Where to find your career start

Did you know that one of the largest groups of unemployed people is new college graduates?

If you are graduating soon and have no idea what you are going to do when you leave school, run to your career planning and placement center now!

Ask Sandi: Interviewing your interviewer

Interviewing your interviewer can be key in finding out if a job is a right fit for you.

The bottom line is we spend 2,080-plus hours a year, if we are full time, working at a company, and it is much better to find out about their expectations before you start.

Ask Sandi: Employee entrepreneurs

Employers are just as guilty about not getting to know their employees and their needs.

If people work for you, it is actually beneficial for you to know what they do on the weekends and if they have kids.

Ask Sandi: What’s kept you jobless?

Are you older than 40 and out of work? Have you been out of work for a while? Are you just entering the workforce for the first time in a long time?

I am always trying to look at trends and what people are experiencing to tailor my advice and the advice my organization gives to the needs of the people we serve in the community.

Ask Sandi: Twenty years of helping find jobs

This year the Central Florida Employment Council turns 20 years old. That is 20 years of helping to connect employers and job seekers to each other and community resources.

In 20 years, thousands of job seekers have been connected with jobs and employers have been connected with employees.

Ask Sandi: Bone up on your skills for free

Learning should never stop whether it is to update your skills or just to learn something new.

There are a couple of really neat free things out there that can help you to learn on an ongoing basis.

Ask Sandi: New year, new job?

If your New Year’s resolutions include a new job, I would start planning right away and make sure that you stay on task.

Every year like so many other people out there in the world, I make New Year’s resolutions. Every year, I fail miserably.

Ask Sandi: Knowing the job before you get it

One of my friends recently posted on Facebook that she would not hire a young person and would rather have an employee who was more experienced.

The lesson in this for new college graduates is to make sure you research the company, keep your expectations in line with your experience, and be professional.

Ask Sandi: Calling all military vets

After giving several years of service in the military, veterans are coming back in need of jobs that can support them and their families.

There are resources out there for veterans, but it does take some research to find them.

Ask Sandi: Leaving your comfort zone

Workers older than 50, new college grads, people with criminal backgrounds, and those with disabilities face a harder road than many of the other jobs seekers out there.

Many people are perceived as being lazy, and we sometimes hear that they should just pull up their bootstraps and get a job.

Ask Sandi: Getting back into business

Thinking about entering the next phase of your career? Make a list to help decide what options you might enjoy.

You can use this information to research potential career descriptions to see if you qualify or need some schooling to reach the goal.

Ask Sandi: Advice for the 'seasoned' workforce

If you are more than 50 years old, how can you land a job in this still competitive market? Here are some tips!

Often times, more seasoned workers find themselves competing with younger people who are willing to work for less and are perceived as faster and more tech savvy.

Ask Sandi

According to NACE, internships can increase the likelihood of landing a job by up to 60 percent.

Lately I have been doing research on the generational workforce.

Ask Sandi: Interviews increasingly on camera

It's a trend that's only growing: Going on camera for your job interview. Are you ready for your close-up?

Video interviewing seems to be a hot new trend.

Ask Sandi

Use the right kind of discrimination when searching for work. The people hiring you do.

This past weekend I was accused of discrimination.

Ask Sandi

Avoid ‘um’ and 'like' at all costs during your interview

I like, um, don’t, um, think it is a great idea to like, um, use the words “like” and “um” frequently in your interview.

Ask Sandi

I would not expect to see some of those same cruise ship outfits pop up at an interview. But I do.

After just stepping off a cruise where the lack of taste in clothing was alarming to say the least, I would not expect to see some of those same outfits pop up at an interview. But I do.

Ask Sandi

If you're getting interviews and not getting the job, your resume isn't the problem.

If you are getting interviews, it is not a resume problem – so stop asking for resume advice.

Ask Sandi

Avoid oversharing on your resume, or risk not getting that job.

Think about why an employer wants your resume when drafting it.

Ask Sandi

Want a job? Accept that you may need help.

Most people don’t realize it, but the best way to find a job is to have help.

Ask Sandi

Want that career spark? Set goals

I believe that in order to achieve big things, you must be a dreamer.

Ask Sandi

Those people who said "It's who you know"? They're right.

If you are getting ready to graduate and you do not yet have a job planned, there are several things you can do right away.

Ask Sandi

Business Pitches: Just like interviews.

Approach your job hunt like you're preparing for a business pitch.

Ask Sandi

Want that job? Become a situational extrovert.

Are you an introvert? Don't stress about your next job interview.

Ask Sandi

Losing a job is a crisis in anyone’s life.

If you are hiding from the pain of job loss instead of moving forward – it might be time to seek professional help.

Ask Sandi

What job to get when you grow up?

I often ask people what they want to be when they grow up.

Ask Sandi

Here are several tips that can increase the likelihood of having your application seen.

Check out these tips for targeting your job hunt effectively.

Ask Sandi

Is it finally safe to switch jobs? The answer is a big maybe.

Answering the question: Is it a good time to switch jobs?

Ask Sandi

Are you paying for your drug tests?

In Central Florida, more than 93,000 people are unemployed.

Ask Sandi

Don’t fear new opportunities outside your comfort zone.

Experts say people who are currently working are starting to look more closely at new opportunities.

Ask Sandi

Bone up on your job skills

Christian HELP offers one-on-one employment counseling and coaching, resume assistance, and weekly job skills classes.

Ask Sandi

Please study up on the company before you go to interview with them. is a great place to look up information about companies (good and bad) and get an idea of questions they might ask you.

Ask Sandi

You cannot afford to wait when you get a hot referral. Take action as soon as possible.

Employers often complain that people are not following up or are not showing up.

Ask Sandi

That one extra qualification can make a real difference.

I have hired several of my No. 2 candidates for other positions and have been very pleased with the results.

Ask Sandi

Did you know some job sites are selling your information too?

Telemarketing is big business these days as is the sale of your personal information.

Ask Sandi

When jobs have been lost as quickly as in the recession, it takes the next big thing to bring them back.

When jobs have been lost at the rate we lost them during the recession, it takes the next big thing to bring the economy back.